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Casual and judgement-free is at the core of our on-premise swingers lifestyle social club in CT. Have you been thinking about going to a social swingers club in CT but were hesitant for fear of being judged? We are the ideal club for newbies and couples familiar with the lifestyle alike. Newbies will appreciate how friendly and welcoming everyone is. Visit Stay and Play Swingers Club (in CT).

We are hosting exclusive swingers parties at Stay and Play Swingers Club. These swingers parties are exclusively MEMBERS-ONLY events (remember all our events are BYOB ). So JOIN NOW to get invited to these exclusive swinger's events.

You must complete the application form. The only way to get invited to our exclusive swingers parties is to become a member of Stay and Play Swingers Club, so don't miss these exclusive newbie swingers events that are in CT.

Stay and Play Swingers Club


Swingers Social Club
  • Friendly

    Normal mainstream night clubs can be a bit judgy. Stay and Play Swingers Club is like going away on vacation for the night where you meet new couples that are welcoming and everyone (male or female) compliments you on your sexy attire.

  • Fun

    This casual swingers social club features a state-of-the-art sound system and lighting system along with the best local DJs to ensure a fun and sex-charged dance floor.

  • Clean

    This should go without saying but our social club is clean. This means all linens are laundered nightly and all flat surfaces are cleaned/disinfected regularly throughout the night and at the end of the night.

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  • Private Online Swinger's Community

    Read articles, look at photos, watch videos all geared towards the swingers lifestyle. Join for free and meet other CT swingers online.

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What to Expect
  • Never been to a lifestyle swingers club?

    Most people have the wrong idea of what a swing club is. Many think that it’s just one big orgy and you check your clothes at the door and then dive right in, doing anything you want with whomever you like. At Stay and Play Swingers Club this is completely not the case! More than anything else, Stay and Play Swingers Club is a social club where you’ll meet and form friendships with some of the nicest people you’ve ever met. In some cases, you’ll form bonds that will last a lifetime.

  • Many of us have heard of “swinging”. Okay... some of you may even need to strike from your mind the visual of the 70’s swinger. You know the one…the post-dinner party, long-side-burned hubby who languidly fondles his neighbor’s wife upon the shag carpeting of his suburban, living room floor; all the while with the sound of his wife’s giggles erupting from the bedroom down the hall. For many swingers today, the “lifestyle” is social… and it may or may not include a partner “swap”. Today’s swinger is as evolved as today’s video games. A long way from the video game “Pong”.

  • Swinging, in a mainstream sense, has become something of a social-sexual phenomenon in recent years. People from all walks of life are attracted to the “’style”, with the highest influx being 30-40 something, married, middle to upper class, professionals hitting the scene for the first time.

  • In a society that promotes sexuality, secure couples and singles have been able to develop a sense of sexual maturity. Good communication and honesty about “what turns you on” has led to a point where exploration has become a popular pastime.

  • When you walk into a swing club for the very first time, you and/or your partner are probably very nervous. You don’t know anyone there and you might feel like everyone is watching you. That’s a good sign! That means you’re normal. That’s exactly how everyone feels their first time.

  • You might expect a lot when you first come to a club and that’s probably the biggest cause of anxiety for first time visitors. The best way to approach the evening is with only one single expectation, and that is to have a fun time together. For your first visit to Stay and Play Swingers Club, plan on having a nice dinner and enjoying the sexually-charged dance floor. This way you’ll both be completely comfortable.

  • Then one (or a few) of the following things will definitely happen...

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  • Contemporary Decor & Layout

    At Stay and Play Swingers Club we are a new establishment and we designed the club to look modern & chic. Those other clubs look like they're stuck in the 70s. The entire swingers lifestyle has evolved since the 70s and so should the way your club looks.

  • In-House Movie Theater

    Yes we have a movie theater where we play movies that our members bring in to share with everyone else. Please ask us to share your movies in our movie theater. We encourage you to share your home-made productions but what you share is completely up to you. Our theater lights will be dimmed but it's likely you will still see other members enjoying the show in the way you want to see them enjoy the show.

  • Private Recreation Rooms

    These recreational rooms are for couples or groups to enjoy a little privacy. We also have other areas that are less private because we realize everyone enjoys something different.

  • Lounge Area

    Our lounge area features comfortable furniture and a flatscreen TV

  • Multi-Bed Group Playroom

    Stay and Play Swingers Club would not be complete without a playroom. The layout is mostly open with sheer linen separating the group playroom from the main room.

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